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Burmakissan Ystävät ry

In November 1988 three friends of the Burmese cat got together and decided to form a club. The club was named Burmakissan Ystävät ry (Friends of the Burmese cat, of course), of which an abbreviation BKY was later taken to use. Clubs purpose is to encourage and follow up the breeding and promotion of Burmese cats, as well as to act as a link between all interested in this breed.

In 1994 a special Breeding committee was formed to progress Burmese's health, appearance according to the FIFé standard and good character, and also to gather information on Burmese's genotype. Breeding committee advises and guides breeders in their breeding.

The club magazine is called Burmaposti (BurmesePost) and it was first published in spring 1990. Ever since it has been a magazine made especially for all the members, who eagerly wait for the next issue. As other activities the club awards Burmese cats in the catshows and maintains a website and kitten- and studlists.

A little word list for a person who might be looking to buy a burmese kitten: